Increase in registration fees for the international students in France:
Against the government, students are reacting


International students in France in 2013-2014
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Contribution of international students to the French economy

International students are facing poverty

The AGORAé are social and solidarity grocery stores for students offering products at about 10% of their prices

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"The most part of the students in France that come from a non-European country come from a country and a family with not a lot of wealth, if you pass this law you will lose a LOT of students, that will NOT increase the appeal of France, it will only reduce for their most interested students.
Me, and many others students that come here to France usually come with a scholarship, payed by our country's government our hour home university. These scholarship will most likely disappear when this law passes since it will be too much for the country or the university to pay as much for each student.
Most of us, even with the scholarship struggle financially, but in average results, I can assure you, we have better grades than European foreign students, or non-European students without scholarship (commonly said, rich kids).
"This measure will only attract rich people. And I'm pretty sure rich people would rather pay to study in The UK/Canada/USA, since studying in english broadens your options, as opposed to studying in french.

Ex-colonies are what made France what it is today, without which , France will fall behind. And the only reason people from ex-colonies come to france is because we already study in french, and because it's cheaper.

Also the fact that France is partially responsible for how messed up and corrupt our countries are and how it over expoloited us and our ressources human and natural for so many years-and still does."
"If you want to encourage the arrival of international students you better work on strategies to make the educational system better. We are already facing a lot of difficultes in our studies here in France.

Welcoming international students is not organised, I arrived late for my studies because I could not find an appartement! I failled my year of master because of the late arrival and visa process, and my continuous stress and worry about ressources and not finiding a scholarship.

And of course not to forget to mention the dry educational system that evaluates you only according to your grades! I am sure I am not the only one who suffered in your country. If you want to make more people come you should do it from your own pocket first. Solve the issues first Sir, the issues are so deep and right now alot of us regret coming to France. "
"In a sense he is right about the fact that the French people don't have to pay for most of our fees. On the other hand it will be difficult for poor students, unless they get financial help."